Chickens and guinea fowl free roam the ranch, please keep dogs on leash when not in a rented area. Be aware of your surroundings as the fowl may be in any area and can fly into any area. Please promptly recall your dog should this training distraction present itself.

Documentation & Style Guide

How to do all the things on your website.

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Site Text

Header Font: Kanit

Body Font: Roboto Slab

How to Login and Add Website Users

Website Tour: Overview

How to Edit Text and Images

How to Update / Change Buttons

Checking Form Submissions

How to Backup Your Site and Run Updates

Update Spaces: Website & Bookeo

Editing the Header, Footer, & Cow Location

Bookeo: Check Bookings, Block off A Space/Time

Bookeo: Setting Up Seminars, Events, and Private Lessons with Presenter

Bookeo: Removing “Total People & Dogs” Option to avoid incorrect charges

Additional Helpful Info

We have a helpful guide on how to resize images available for your reference here.

For training spaces images you want images that are 800px x 600px. 

If a student is not seeing the login fields…

it looks like some (maybe all) adblockers cause an issue with the login screen. I problem solved with Julie Flanery, and if she disabled her ad blocker, she could see it just fine.

If someone emails you, Dawn, and says they aren’t seeing the login fields, we have 2 ways they can fix that issue.

1) If they’re using an ad blocker, they can tempoarily disable it to login. Once they’re logged in, they can reenable it if they’d like.

2) Alternatively, they can go to and login there using the Student / HappyTraining470! info and will be redirected to the same page they would be if htey logged in in the other spot.